Website Features

What you can do on your Postmodern Pulpit site:


Blogs are a great way to educate, inspire, and connect your community outside of your normal gatherings.

Every Postmodern Pulpit design comes with the option of a blog. They’re easy to use, look sharp, and fun to keep up.

Lastly, they’re shareable. With the click of a button you can share what God has put on your heart to a larger online audience. 



Church calendars are vital to the life of a community. They’re how everyone knows what’s going on.

At Postmodern Pulpit, we like to keep things simple. We have every design set up to include a Google Calendar on the site itself. That means you get to manage your calendar through your Google account, and it automatically gets updated on the site – pretty nifty, right?


Online Messages

Publishing audio or video recordings of your weekly sermons is a great way to keep your entire community in the loop – even if they couldn’t be there in person on any given weekend.

All our designs come with the option to upload and publish your weekly messages on the website. It’s as easy as picking the file, giving it a title, and pushing play.


Email Newsletter Signup

Email is one of the best ways to stay in touch with your community. 

Every Postmodern Pulpit website can include an email signup form. People simply enter their name and email to subscribe to the list. From there, the email automatically gets added to your email marketing service, like Mailchimp, AWeber, Zoho, and more.

Don’t have an email marketing service? We can help! They’re easy to set up, and might even be free, depending on how many people are on your list. Just ask us.


SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization simply means helping Google know who you are and what you do. That way, when people search for something like your church, Google knows to show them your website.

Every Postmodern Pulpit church website comes with a basic SEO setup completed. This is something we manually do for every new website before we push play.

In the end, it will help communicate who you are and what you do to those in your community looking for something like your church. Every little bit helps, right?



Online giving has become the norm in many communities.

If you have online giving setup already, we’ll incorporate it into your website. If you don’t have something set up, we can help you pair up with an online giving company and incorporate that into your site.

Note: this is not a feature Postmodern Pulpit owns and manages. We will simply incorporate a 3rd party online giving system into your website. Any fees associated with that service are separate from Postmodern Pulpit’s fees.


Community Features

How you build community online:

Back to the Bible App

We’re proud to include this amazing tool in our websites. Back to the Bible (BTTB) is an easy-to-use app that will strengthen your community through simple, dynamic interactions with the Bible. The Back to the Bible app allows you to:

With BTTB, your community can engage in life-changing discussions right on your website! (Did we say it’s really easy to use?)

Postmodern Pulpit will install the BTTB app right inside your website design. Then we’ll provide you tutorials and support to start using the BTTB app for your specific needs!

Mass Emails

Communication is vital to maintain and build community in your congregation. One of the easiest ways to keep everyone in the loop is by sending mass emails. Prayer meeting coming? Send an email! Doing a church picnic? Send an email!

Easy, right? Well… sort of.

Sending mass emails from your own email system can get pretty confusing when you’re sending to over 20 people.

That’s why Postmodern Pulpit sets up a professional email marketing platform for you to make it easy and efficient to send emails to thousands of people at a time with the click of a button.

We’ll set you up with our favorite platform (no extra charge), and train you on how to use it. You’ll be sending mass emails in no time! (Remember, with great power comes great responsibility.)

Group Chat

Think of a group chat like a social media group, but just for your church. It feels more like a family chat than something that would ever be public.

Group chats provide the ability to have casual interactions online throughout the week. It’s a place to post pictures of kids, ask for prayer, share updates, and maybe the occasional funny meme.

We set you up with our favorite third party group chat software called GroupMe. It’s free, easy to use, and your community can access it by a computer or mobile device.

We’ll train you on how to use it and have instructions for your congregation on how to get added to the group. In no time at all you’ll have the ability to help your community go deeper by simple interactions throughout the week on a group chat.

Video Calls


Video calling is particularly important in our present world. Many churches are utilizing video calls for prayer meetings, team meetings, discipleship meetings, and so on. 

We create an account for you in our favorite free video call platform, Zoom, and train you how to use it. We have resources for best practices for running these types of meetings through this platform. 

On the free tier, Zoom allows up to 40 minutes with up to 100 people per call. Have a meeting that goes longer? Just hang up and start again. Paid tiers are available to remove time limits.

Monthly Maintenance Features

What we do for you:

Unlimited Content Updates

With Postmodern Pulpit, you’ll never have to re-learn how to log into your website and make changes again. 

New service time? New youth pastor? Just shoot off an email, and we’ll get in there and update it, pronto. 

How many times can you do this? Unlimited. That’s right, read it again: unlimited. Not as good as unlimited chicken nuggets, but, hey, that’s still a pretty cool feature. 

Our team is incredibly responsive and really kind, so please, never hesitate to reach out and get your site up to date. 


Software Updates & Backups

You probably won’t care as much about this, but it’s good for you to know all the same. Your website is run on software (a large part of which is called WordPress), and new versions are released every so often. If this software gets too out-dated, things start to break (that’s the nice way of saying it at least).

As a part of our services we go in and make sure your site has all the latest software so your website is running smooth from here until Kingdom come.

Additionally, we’ll run regular backups on your website. The internet is a crazy place, and sometimes things break or get deleted for reasons that are out of anyone’s control. The only way to protect against that is to simply make backups… regularly… which is what we do.

All that to say, we’ve got your back. You don’t have to be a technical wizard. We’ll do all that for you.


Websites are frustrating, expensive, and ultimately disappointing for too many ministry leaders.

Postmodern Pulpit creates ridiculously affordable 100% done-for-you websites... you never have to worry about your website again.