Website Management


Let us become your web team.

Like cute puppies, websites need ongoing attention. Not only do they need actual words and pictures updated every so often, they also need background functions to stay healthy – regular backups, software updates, security, and more. For this service you can either bring your own website to us, or we can build you a new website.


We’ll bring your website onto our fancy server. It’ll run better than ever, and you won’t have to pay for hosting anymore.



We run and manage regular backups on your site. Chances are we’ll never have to use them, but it’s nice knowing they will be there if you do.


Content Updates

Your website is only as effective as it is up to date with your organization. Add new pages/content or make wording and picture updates with just a phone call or email.

Software updates

The software that powers your website needs to be updated regularly. Whether it’s plugins, WordPress itself, or the most recent version of PHP, we’ve got you covered.


We have security measures in place in all the right areas of our infrastructure. Your website is in good hands with us.


SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates are now standard for any credible website. Many hosting providers charge extra for these. Not Postmodern Pulpit. You get full security at no extra cost.


PRicing: $60/mo

Need a new website? Get a discount on a new website build when you sign up for website management at the same time.