Postmodern Pulpit is $500 $99 to start, and $50 a month

* Introductory $99 startup fee for limited time only.


That includes

Website Buildout

Ongoing maintenance

Future content updates

3rd party community building apps setup & integration

Postmodern Pulpit is a good fit for:

  • Traditional churches
  • 501c3 Organizations
  • Church plants
  • Churches with small staff
  • Pastors with no web expertise or time
  • Pastors who want to blog
  • Churches who need a central place to share their calendar

Postmodern pulpit is a great fit for churches that want a web presence that looks amazing, but don’t have the time, energy, or budget to do it. Regardless of denomination, size, age, or location, Postmodern Pulpit will be a great fit for you.

Postmodern Pulpit is a bad fit for:

  • Churches wanting a fully custom website
  • Churches wanting specific functionality not found here
  • Churches that want custom graphics for every event and sermon series

Most often, it’s mega-churches looking for these features. While they may be able to pay tens of thousands of dollars for custom websites and have graphic designers on staff, for everyone else there’s Postmodern Pulpit.

You do the ministry. We do the webistry.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take get my website up?

We work hard to keep this process as quick as possible. From the moment you fill out the content requirement form, we aim to have your website completed in 2-3 weeks. 

Am I locked in for a certain number of months?

Absolutely not! Unlike most web agencies (you'll notice we're very unusual - in a good way), we won't lock you into any long contract. We go month-to-month, and you can cancel at any time. We believe the value we provide far outweighs $60/mo, and allowing you to cancel at any time will keep us working to consistently provide an amazing experience.

How does payment work?

For payment we take a credit/debit card and run it once a month on the same day for $60. The startup fee will be paid up front, and the $60/mo fee will be paid on the day the website launches. Need to change billing days? No problem, we’re flexible.

If we cancel, do you take the site down?

You must have had some bad experiences in the past... “No” is the emphatic answer to your question. If you cancel for any reason, the site is yours. We’ll hand you the keys and bid you good day.

You will, however, be responsible for finding your own hosting solution (we’re happy to make recommendations - it typically costs $10-$20/mo for what you’ll need). If you kick in a couple bucks, we can even help you migrate the site to your new hosting platform.

How are you so awesome?

Our mothers ask us the same question all the time. To give you the most honest answer, we refer you back to said mothers.

Postmodern Pulpit exists to walk alongside ministry leaders and free them up to do the Kingdom work they’ve been called to do. Offload your website and technology woes on us. It’s easy, affordable, and you’ll be glad you did.