How to Use the Back to Bible App for Livestream

In your Postmodern Pulpit Website


7 Steps to livestream in your websites:

1. Log in to your admin account here:


2. Select the Plan created for your Livestream


3. Click the plus sign icon in the bottom to create a New Item. Title the item with the date or sermon title, or another title that makes sense to you. 


4. Click in the “Type new message here…” bar at the top to open the content module.


5. Select the streaming tool you’re using (YouTube and Facebook are the most popular two), and insert your video link:



6. Write any other messages under the video. Greeting messages and discussion questions are common messages. You can also attach sermon notes or other documents to this Item.

7. Click Save. Your Livestream page on your Postmodern Pulpit website will automatically be updated, and people can now view your livestream.