Let us set up a BeEngaged group for you – completely for free.

We’re big fans of BeEngaged and hope their tools make your life a bit easier and your ministry more effective!

Setting up online tools can feel intimidating.

We get it. But we also know the feeling of having a system in place that works for you, not against you. And that’s a feeling worth pursuing.

A BeEngaged Group can make your life easier and your ministry more effective. Let Postmodern Pulpit do the leg work and get this tool up and running for you.

Once the tool is set up, we’ll provide tutorials for how to use it effectively in your ministry.

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About BeEngaged Groups

BeEngaged Groups is a powerful app designed for churches and ministries. The heart behind it is to make it easy for leaders to communicate and connect with their community. To that end, you’ll be hard pressed to find an easier app with which to interact with your community.

BeEngaged supports:

Postmodern Pulpit will set up the BeEngaged Group for whichever of the above needs you select. Then we’ll provide you tutorials and support to start using the BeEngaged app for your specific needs!

What you get:

  • BeEngaged set up for your church or ministry.
  • Link to send out for your BeEngaged Group.
  • Code to embed your BeEngaged Group in your website.
  • A tutorial from Postmodern Pulpit on how to use it most effectively in your ministry.

It can be embedded in your website, or you can send people straight to your Group’s page online.

Live Stream Services

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Live Streaming is here to stay.

The good news is it doesn’t have to be difficult, or expensive. A BeEngaged Group for your live streaming will allow you to use Facebook Live or YouTube, but keep it on your own website.

People can interact with the service in real time, which is great for creating a sense of community and connection, despite being virtual.

Online Classes

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Using videos, written content, or downloadable documents, you can deliver easy-to-use online classes to your community. Whether it’s a new member orientation, or a teaching on the Gospels, this BeEngaged Group makes it easy to set up, and easy for your community to engage with.

Additionally, you have access to an enormous library of classes from well known Christian leaders that you’re encouraged to share with your community.

Mass Emails

Communication is vital to maintain and build community in your congregation. One of the easiest ways to keep everyone in the loop is by sending mass emails. Prayer meeting coming? Send an email! Doing a church picnic? Send an email!

BeEngaged makes it easy to send emails to your entire community. 


Online Prayer Groups

see example

With BeEngaged, you can create an online prayer group. Community members can interact and engage in prayer while also interacting in conversation through threaded comments. This is a great way to engage in prayer together virtually.

Bible Reading Plans

see example

Want your community to be tracking with a Bible reading plan together? You can choose from popular ones or create your own using a BeEngaged Group. Easy to set up, easy to use. You can even set up automatic email reminders to help your community stay on track.

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